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Mowing Your Lawn

There are several turf grass species adapted to the Midwest, so knowing them is key before you start mowing your lawn.

Watering Your Lawn

Watering your lawn is a key piece of any lawn maintenance routine.


Fertilizing prevents future problems! The best time to apply a grub application is June or July. Don’t let your lawn become the grub’s next meal!

Mulching Options

Mulching gives your lawn a clean finished look, but did you know that mulch is very beneficial to your plants and soil?

Landscaping with Rocks – Hardscaping

R&B Landscaping and Lawn Care, LLC will pick up and install or just deliver rocks for your landscaping project.

Yard Maintenance Schedule

Each one of these items listed below is a key component of any yard maintenance schedule.

Poisonous Plant

R&B Landscaping has a solution to control your hazardous weeds and poisonous plants.

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